We manage and host websites and emails

We manage and host websites on our top of the line cPanel server with backups every day. We also do top of the line SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as well as Google Adwords.

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What We Do

Monthly Hosting & Maintenance

Monthly hosting & maintenance is a service we provide our clients that will help keep their websites up to date and running. This will include hosting the client’s website on our server as well as doing any changes the clients might want in the future. Monthly hosting & maintenance will be offered at a fair price that will suit each clients budget and our clients can have peace of mind that we will be able to help with any future changes or problems that may occur.

Website Design

We design fully responsive websites at a fair price that will help grow your business. All our websites are built on the newest WordPress platform. Our services we provide regarding website design is to go above and beyond our client’s expectations we work closely with our clients until they are satisfied. This service we provide will give access to a large amount of people to access your company’s information and will make it effortless for people to get in touch with you.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search engine optimization is a service we provide to ensure that your business has the best chance to be seen by multiple people this will include raking your website on google as well as setting up a google analytics page that the client can monitor. Search engine optimization is an important part for any business to help your business grow we fully recommend any client to make use of this service for the important role it plays on your business.

Email Hosting & Support

Email hosting & support is a recommendation for any business that have or need the use of email. This will include adding email accounts on our client’s domains, hosting emails on our servers as well as outlook remote setup and support. The email hosting we use is POP3/IMAP accounts and can be setup directly on outlook or be used through our webmail platform. For any email quires clients can contact our IT support and issues will be resolved remotely.

eCommerce website design

eCommerce website design is a website with a shopping cart and products. The cost of this website will depend on how many products the website will have as well as the functionality of the website. All eCommerce websites are designed to display on any device. This is a well-known service for any client that have products they would like to sell online this will make it easy for your clients to see all available products.

Logo Design

Logo design is a once off logo we design for your company the logo design is based on your company’s details that will be the most important aspect of your website. Our client can choose from any 3 original designs that we will provide our clients, clients can make changes until they are full satisfied.

Domain Registration

Domain Registration is a service we provide to get you the best domain name that suits your business we can register more than one domain and park it on the same account if need be.

Account Backups

The account backup service we provide includes doing weekly and monthly account backups this will insure we have your content backed up if need be, this service will also include restoring any account backup our clients might require.


All our servers have firewalls on that protect our clients website from begin compromised this will also include individual virus scans on our clients accounts as well as database security and email password security.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

We have friendly 24/7 support feel free to contact us for any queries or issues you might have.

We Design Fully Mobile Responsive Websites

We design and host fully mobile responsive websites. We communicate with our clients until they are 100% satisfied with the work done on there site where it is a website design or website changes we give 100%

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For all online website or design needs please do not hesitate to contact us.Here at S.O. Websites our clients come first for a great customer care experience at a affordable price move over to S.O. Websites.


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Our Servers
We use top of the line Linux servers with cPanel base accounts to host all our websites and email on.
Our Backups
We have state of the art off shore backups we backup account every day of the week an keep 7 backups at a time.
Difference between POP3 and IMAP
POP3 mails will download mails on to your PC and save it there this is used with accounts that have less space on the server.
IMAP mails will save all the mails on our servers and your PC will only link to the server and see all mails on the server you can have your account set to unlimited this will have a extra cost please contact us and request a unlimited account.
POP3 and IMAP mail setup
Username Provided
Password Provided
Incoming Mail: pop3.domainname.co.za or mail.domainname.co.za
Incoming Port: SSL 995 | NON SSL 110
Outgoing Mail: mail.domainname.co.za
Outgoing Port: SSL 465 | NON SSL 587 or 25

Username Provided
Password Provided
Incoming Mail: imap.domainname.co.za or mail.domainname.co.za
Incoming Port: SSL 993 | NON SSL 143
Outgoing Mail: mail.domainname.co.za
Outgoing Port: SSL 465 | NON SSL 587 or 25

Firewall Security
S.O. Websites has a stat of the art firewall we block all unwanted incoming traffic as well as any unwanted login attempts. You can request that spam mails be blocked on your account.
Email Accounts
New email accounts can be created per request.
Website Management
We manage all our websites on a platform called WordPress this platform has 409 million people that use the WordPress platform and it is the most used platform to build websites on. Website changes are done on requests.